Our Alpacas

We have an ever growing herd of Alpacas at Blakebeck, with two different types for you to see – Suri or Huacaya Alpacas. The Huacaya are very fluffy whereas the Suri Alpacas have longer straight hair, see how many you can spot on the farm.

They’re very inquisitive, and will come say hello from a distance. When its lambing season in March you’ll tend to find them helping us out on the farm, they’re very protective over the Sheep & Lambs, keeping them safe from Dogs & Foxes. We ask kindly that you do not let your dogs off in/around the Alpaca field.

Come visit us in the Summer months where you can see them being sheared, leaving us with lovely soft fleeces, which I have spun once it was great fun! You may also catch a glimpse of the mothers unpacking their Cria (young alpaca) too, which is such a special moment.

The Dogs

We have 3 Dogs at Blakebeck, Winston, Jack & Tyan.

Winston is a loving Scottish Deerhound, he didn’t have the best start in life and we rescued him back in 2020. Deerhounds are very laid back and their only interests in life are having loads of attention and home comforts, a little bit like a cat! He’s extremely friendly, very excitable and loves to come with us to feed the sheep and gallop round the fields along side the quad bike and play with the collie dogs.

Jack is the eldest of our Collies. We got him as a pup in 2017, he has such a lovely nature and loves all the fuss he can get. He loves to sit on your feet and look up at you.

Tyan is the newest of the bunch! We got Tyan as a pup in 2021. We called him Tyan as he is tri-coloured and has the colour tan on him, also when you count in cumbrian dialect its, Yan, Tyan, Tethera (1,2,3) on the top of Tyan’s front legs, which are white he has two (tyan) black spots. Tyan has some big boots to fill after we sadly lost my last collie Moss in January 2021. Hopefully Tyan will show us how clever he is with the sheep in time. So far he is doing really well, he has picked up a lot of basic commands really quickly and shows he will not take any nonsense from the sheep. It takes a long time to train a sheep dog and when you have had a good dog they can take a lot of replacing.

Heather & Maive

Mother and daughter duo Heather & Maive have been at Blakebeck since day one. This cheeky pair love to roll around & copy each other, they are great characters and love to make plenty of noise when they see you.


Heather is smaller than Maive, as her dad was a miniature Donkey.

Who else can you find on the farm?